Consultation & Estimates

At King Coatings, we understand that every home and business is unique.

That’s why we consult with each client to determine the scope of the painting project, a convenient working schedule, and any other information we need to ensure that the painting job goes smoothly.

King Coatings doesn’t believe in surprises. We estimate fairly and competitively on every painting job based on our initial consult with a potential client. With over 10 years of servicing Alberta, we understand what it takes to complete all types of painting jobs and what they’re supposed to cost.

Consultation & Estimates


With the right painters on the job, everything falls into place. The work seems effortless and the results are beyond expectations. Our professional Journeyman and Apprentice painters  take pride in their work, are educated in design and can provide advice on colour and creating ambiance.

Like all highly-trained professionals, we are active in the NAIT apprenticeship program and committed to continuing education. Only qualified journeymen (defined as having an Interprovincial Standards Red Seal Certification) are employed as painting supervisors. Apprentices work only under the direct supervision of a qualified journeyperson.



Proper preparation is often more involved than the actual paint application. It’s also the foundation of a beautiful, protective, long-lasting paint job. As a client, all you need to do is move the small things, such as ornaments and draperies. We’ll move and replace the heavy items.

Paint has a way of finding the smallest uncovered areas so we completely cover all surfaces. Furniture, book cases, plants, and landscaping are protected with lightweight plastic sheets. Floors are covered with canvas drop cloths and/or building paper. Hardware, light switch and receptacle covers, nails and brackets are removed and carefully stored. We use masking tape to secure drop cloths and sheeting, protecting surfaces near flooring and around hardware that cannot be safety removed.

With all of your personal items cleared away and areas protected, we inspect surfaces such as walls, ceilings and trim for stains, holes, cracks, peeling and other imperfections. Problems such as water staining and peeling paint require further investigation. If the cause of the defect is not found and repaired, it may ruin the appearance your new paint job.

Then, we clean soiled areas of dirt and grease that interfere with paint adhesion. Holes and cracks are filled and joints caulked. Loose paint is removed and imperfections are filled and sanded smooth.

This is an excellent time to consider upgrades and talk to us about building services. New trim can have an almost magical effect on the appearance and character of your home or business. New flooring and architectural details such as built in shelving and gas fireplaces can transform a space, turning a seldom used room into an oasis. A professionally treated deck will ultimately save you money. We know your time is valuable so King Coatings makes it convenient for you to use our services.

The final step before painting is priming. Primer evens out the porosity of the surface so that the paint covering is uniform and adheres well. All repairs and surfaces including drywall, plaster, stucco and raw wood need to be completed and primed before proceeding with the application of the finish paint.


Top quality paints are designed to produce the best looking and longest lasting results. Although premium paint may cost a little more, it provides a smoother, more uniform appearance and can last more than twice as long as standard paint — truly a more economical choice over the long term.

King Coatings uses premium paints from Cloverdale Paint, Dulux, Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.


Our expert painters are fully trained in all areas of paint application, from traditional brush and roll painting to modern spray techniques. Paint that is professionally applied by traditional brush and roller techniques is best for most situations. Spray painting is typically used when surfaces are very coarse, such as popcorn textured ceilings or when an extremely fine furniture grade finish is desired on cabinetry. Regardless of the method, the end result is attractive, even colour, clean-cut lines and maximum durability.

We remove all painting materials, tools and protective coverings. The floor/ground is cleaned and all furniture is put back in place. We deliver waste paints and related materials to a recycling and collection facility. Paint, stain and wood preservative finishes and related materials (thinners, solvents, etc.) are regarded as hazardous products and will be disposed of according to regulations. We always clean up after ourselves so there is no mess or garbage left for you to deal with.

Even a properly applied coating cannot last forever. Climate extremes such extreme cold and heat and the unpredictable nature of old paint and uncorrected or undetected house flaws will determine what maintenance is needed. King Coatings preventive maintenance program adds years to a paint job’s life by finding and correcting problem areas before they have a chance to grow.

Follow Up

Most contractors finish a job then collect their money and move on, forgetting that the experience ever happened.  Not King Coatings. 

We want to know how we did, so we personally follow up after cleaning up to ensure that you are completely happy with your new paint job.

Follow Up

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